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BIOTECH PHARMA Co., Ltd., founded in August 1st, 2000 in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area invested by China and Cuba, is a large biotechnology company on research & development and production of monoclonal antibody and therapeutic vaccines to treat malignant tumor. After 15 years of unremitting technological innovation, we have built the largest and most advanced facilities in China for antibody drug of scientific research, product development and large-scale production, which integrates the antibody industrialization base, coming up to the world's advanced level of antibody research and production technology system.

       Nimotuzumab (trade name in China Tai Xin Sheng®, Registration ID: 2005S02236) was approved in China in 2008 as a drug in combination with RT for a treatment of NPC and was included within Chinese NCCN guideline as a recommended targeted therapy for this indication in 2009.
  The world's first EGFR as a target of human monoclonal antibody drugs

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