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     BIOTECH PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD (abbreviated as “BPL”), incorporated in August 2000 in Beijing economic-technological development area, works for research, development, production, marketing and sales of monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic vaccines against malignant tumor and auto-immune diseases. As one Sino-Cuban joint-venture BPL has outgrown as the exemplar in the field of biotechnology between China and Cuba. BPL boasts the antibody production base with the production train of the largest perfusion process scale in China, and its product Nimotuzumab (TAI XIN SHENG®) is China’s first domestic humanized monoclonal antibody, one breakthrough in China’s mAb industry.
    TAI XIN SHENG®, as the only domestic antibody in China to compete with foreign mAbs, is recognized widely in clinical investigation since its launch in 2008. It is the only target drug in the world approved to treat patients with NPC, and now is put in the NCCN Clinical Practice Guideline for Treatment of H&N Cancer (China Edition). Clinical trials of TAI XIN SHENG® are undergoing to study its safety profile and efficacy in treating patients with esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, H&N cancer, cervical cancer, gliomas, colon-rectal cancer, gastrointestinal tumors, breast cancer and NSCLC.In 2017 TAI XIN SHENG® was officially listed in the National Basic Medical Insurance Catalogue, so that it has been more accessible to patients with cancers.
    BPL never stops its pursuit in innovation. Now there are a dozen of products under development, including CIMAVax against NSCLC and anti-CD6 against RA and psoriasis. BPL will adhere to innovation and present more products for the health of people.

       Nimotuzumab (trade name in China Tai Xin Sheng®, Registration ID: 2005S02236) was approved in China in 2008 as a drug in combination with RT for a treatment of NPC and was included within Chinese NCCN guideline as a recommended targeted therapy for this indication in 2009.
  The world's first EGFR as a target of human monoclonal antibody drugs

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