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Job Vacancy

Vacant position
Medical director
Job description:
1, responsible for planning, organization, implementation of the company and product registration and post market monitoring, promotion of various types of clinical research;
2. To be responsible for the revision and improvement of the management system of the medical department;
3, responsible for the implementation of the project process and quality control process of revision, training;
4. Responsible for the budget control of the medical department;
5, responsible for the overall progress and quality control of all kinds of clinical research projects;
6. Responsible for the planning and support of the company's marketing activities;
7. Be responsible for the team building and training of the medical department;
Job requirements:
1, clinical medicine, biomedical, pharmaceutical professional background, bachelor degree or above, have a wealth of scientific research management experience;
5, engaged in pharmaceutical research and project management for more than 2 years;
3, familiar with product development and registration process;
4, have the ability to control the risk and the ability to withstand pressure;
5, independent planning, implementation, management of clinical research and academic promotion activities of the project.
Two, comprehensive management department manager
Job description:
1 according to the overall objectives of the company's development, formulate investment strategy, and the system of investment policies, plans and other investment work to co-ordinate the management, coordination and promotion.
. collection of domestic and international relevant industry policy, competitor information, market development trend analysis; on a regular basis, accurate to general manager and related department to provide business information, for the company decision-making provide information support.
3 organizations to build and optimize the business network, to ensure the smooth flow of sales channels;
4. The organization involved in the drug bidding work, has overall responsibility for the company's investment work, formulate investment sector function specification, responsibilities, work standards, work plan, establish and perfect the management system of the investment, standardized operation and process, and organize their implementation, coordination, guidance, supervision and audit of the contract.
5 responsible for the management and analysis of sales data, and form a report, to provide information support for the company's decision-making.
6 to be responsible for the management of sales expenses, to form a report on the sales expense, and to analyze the data.
Job requirements:
1, business, marketing and other related professional, bachelor degree or above
Five, more than 2 years of medical experience, more than three years of business management experience, the domestic well-known pharmaceutical equivalent work experience.
3, business related business skills, be able to work independently and in charge of the overall business;
4, received management, marketing strategy, financial knowledge and other related training, with strong planning, organization, control, coordination capacity;
5, with strong interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, have a more keen observation and harmonious affinity, good personal quality and professional ethics.
Three. Clinical Project Manager
Job description:
(1) to be responsible for the drafting and discussion of the research program and other documents;
(2) to be responsible for the determination of the principal investigator and co investigator;
(3) to be responsible for the investigator's meeting, the investigator and the qualification of the unit;
(4) responsible for project budget and budget control;
(5) to be responsible for project schedule and quality control;
(6) to assist in screening, screening, treatment, and follow-up of the subjects;
(7) responsible for the collection, collation, reading, analysis and regular academic meeting of the project related documents;
(8) responsible for data collection, management, statistical analysis and paper writing and publishing, etc.;
(9) to assist the Department Director of the Department of management.
Job requirements:
(1) medical and biomedical background, bachelor degree or above, with relevant fields such as cancer, surgery and its basic research experience, published in the core academic journals are preferred;
(2) engaged in clinical research (test), clinical epidemiology research and project management work for more than 3 years, more than six English, listening, speaking, reading and writing ability is preferred.
Four, CRA (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou)
Job description:
1. According to the requirements of drug clinical trial quality management specification (GCP), 100 Thai company standard operating procedures (SOP) and monitoring plan implementation of regular monitoring and reporting;
2 to ensure that the institution's research is in compliance with the research program; to protect the rights and interests of the subjects; to ensure that the research data is true, complete and reliable;
3 assist researchers to communicate with the office, to declare ethics and ethics for the record;
4 sign the agency contract and pay the costs associated with the processing test;
5 researcher training and supervision;
6 to urge researchers to recruit subjects and coordinate the internal departments to ensure that the organization's research progress;
7 to assist the researcher in the collation of the investigator's files (ISF) and to recover the required documents in a timely manner and file them to the bidding documents;
8 to assist the project manager to organize the bidding files.
Job requirements:
1 college degree or above in medicine, nursing and Pharmacology (except traditional Chinese medicine);
2 familiar with the clinical trial process; familiar with the quality management standard (GCP);
3 work carefully and be good at communication;
Five, medical consultant
Job description:
(1) medical writing: writing project feasibility report, the clinical trials protocol, clinical test summary report, the researchers manuals, case study, the domestic and foreign clinical trials review, manual of medicines and chemical reagents, subject to declare the data, project budget and project summary.
(2) medical monitoring: implementation of test plan and training to ensure clinical monitoring member of correct and consistent understanding of the program; to plan violates and deviate from the given judgment and instruction; timely completion of registration and registration of clinical trials
(3) drug safety: the establishment of a database of drug safety and regular updates; adverse drug reaction monitoring of listed products; clinical trials of serious adverse events monitoring
(4) medical information: answer sales team

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