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Recruitment Process

Company recruitment workflow formulated by the Ministry of personnel, main purpose is standardize the company's recruitment behavior, the rights and interests of security companies and recruiters, process for recruitment plans, recruitment, candidates, interviewing, hiring, etc..
1, personnel supplement reporting
The employing unit supervisor should fill in the application form for personnel supplementary in the ten days before the time of personnel's demand.
2, audit procedures
2.1 use the Department Manager to review the scope of preparation, recruitment conditions, job description;
2.2 deputy chief in charge of the Department in charge of the preparation of the scope of the audit, recruitment conditions, job description;
2.3 HR manager to review the completeness of the contents of the application form for personnel supplement;
2.4 executive vice president, executive vice president, general manager of the signing of comments.
3, recruitment operations
3.1 HR recruitment specialist received the employing units to submit the application form, after finishing the job description;
3.2 recruitment specialist through the relevant recruitment channels to release the recruitment information in a timely manner;
3.3 recruitment specialist specific implementation of recruitment activities (if necessary, employing units / departments to cooperate with the recruitment).
4, interview preparation
4.1 the personnel department in a timely manner in accordance with the recruitment requirements of the recruitment of personnel information;
4.2 notify the employing department to determine the interview time;
4.3 HR recruitment specialist to inform the applicants to participate in the interview (specific time, location, with valid proof of the original and other related materials);
4.4 the use of people to participate in the interview.
5, employ
5.1 the Ministry of personnel, according to the final interview results, notify the hiring staff for registration;
5.2 in the employing department can not be timely to determine the candidates, the personnel department according to the requirements of the position to confirm, to meet the requirements of the offer.
6, into the job for
Personnel department is responsible for new staff entry formalities, fill out the "registration form", according to the requirements of the post
Certificate, diploma, degree certificate, color photo, professional qualification certificate (special position examination report provides medical examination report), signed a labor contract. Notify the employing department to do a good job in the employment of new staff arrangements.
7, the inauguration of the trial
7.1 new staff after the inauguration of the trial, the use of the Department in one to three months of the new staff to do a good job in the scope of the project training and trial results assessment;
7.2 the Ministry of personnel during new workers into the plant trial should be active to unit of choose and employ persons to understand new staff work, and check the Department of new staff job arrangement and training, so that timely detection of problems, timely solve the problems.
8, positive and dismissal
8.1 new personnel trial period expires, the use of the Department should be timely to the new staff of the trial results were assessed, and the results of the assessment in a timely manner to the personnel department;
8.2 the Ministry of personnel will be according to the results of the assessment, to meet the requirements of positive give positive and salary; do not meet the requirements to give the dismissal.
9, recruitment principles
9.1 objective and fair principle
Ministry of personnel & recruitment specialist in the recruitment of staff must overcome personal likes and dislikes with objective attitude and vision to personnel selection, impartial, objective and impartial.
9.2 principles have both ability and political integrity
Recruitment must pay more attention to apply for personnel of moral cultivation, based on investigation candidates to do to Germany for the first, have both ability and moral integrity.
9.3 first inside and outside the principle
The Ministry of personnel and departments in the recruitment should be first from inside the company hiring the right people, on the basis of external recruitment, which make full use of and integrate the company's existing human resource.
9.4 avoidance principle
Have both ability and political integrity, meritocracy is a company with the basic principle of people, so the introduction of the company's existing staff of relatives and, the company will in the full inspection based on select for use, but is associated with the relevant personnel in the recruitment process should be active to be avoided, while not hiring process or personnel of applied pressure affect the recruitment of fairness and objectivity.

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