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Beijing Association of Experts visited BPL


Biological engineering group, Beijing Association of Experts visited BDA and had a seminar with biological enterprises of BDA in BPL on October 28th. Wang Jiequn, Director of Organizational Dept of BDA attended this seminar. During the seminar, BPL and its parent company Beijing Dongfang Biotech Co., Ltd updated their R&D and industrialization and made exchanges with experts on industrialization, talents and other issues. Wang Jiequn gave a brief introduction of bio-pharmaceutical in BDA and the talent policy in BDA. At the same time, the experts also engaged in the field, focusing on the future of bio pharmaceutical industry, the results of the transformation of channels, research cooperation, as well as industry and technical personnel training and other issues of common concern. Wang Jiequn on behalf of the Development Zone Working Committee on the arrival of the experts expressed a warm welcome, and focused on the development of the Development Zone, the development of biological medicine and talent policy. She said, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone as the Jingnan trough, bio pharmaceutical enterprises output value accounted for 50% of whole town gross output value of biological medicine, emerged many international well-known, to fill the gaps in the varieties and technology, made a series of domestic initiative, the country's leading bio pharmaceutical transformation results, 100 bio Tai is the representative. Industrial innovation brought together the talent aggregation, up to now, the development zone has high-end talent of nearly 9000 people, including 52 central "one thousand people plan" enrolled and 92 Beijing sea poly project selected, in order to enhance the attractiveness of the talent, development zone this year also launched a innovative engineering talents to support the new policy, hope experts to Development Zone walk to see, more guidance, let more sophisticated field personnel in the development zone of innovation and entrepreneurship. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department of the relevant responsible person said, was founded in 1990 by experts in Beijing Association is the important bridge and link of the Beijing municipal government with the majority of experts, in the hope that experts on this platform to achieve more exchanges and cooperation, the formation cross industry, cross sectoral integration and hope to the development zone as the representative of the districts and counties in talent development mechanism to make depth reform, the formation of high-end talent flow follow the bad development, to achieve seamless research, hope the Baitai led enterprise innovation to do bigger and stronger, the capital of science and technology innovation to make greater contributions to the. Beijing experts Association bioengineering sectors group, Hyatt Beijing Ning Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., chairman and general manager Hong Liu Wu, Xu Mingbo, chairman of Beijing Double Heron Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other dozens of experts and scholars, municipal Party Committee Organization Department of personnel management and Development Organization Department, Reform Bureau, promote the production of the Bureau of the relevant person in charge to participate in activities.

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