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BPL starts trials on cervical cancer


    BPL starts one multi-center, random, controlled, double-blind clinical trial on patients with cervical cancer of distant metastasis or recurrence with Nimotuzumab and chemotherapy. This trial is a registered clinical trial conducted in 29 hospitals and aims at recruit 369 patients.

   Cervical cancer is the most common gynecological disease in the world, which is a serious threat to women's health. In 2012, the incidence of cancer in the top 10 cancer registry regions in China, cervical cancer in women accounted for seventh. In recent twenty years, with the continuous improvement of traditional methods such as surgery and radiotherapy, the cure rate of patients in early stage has been improved greatly, but the existing treatment methods are still not ideal for patients with advanced or recurrent. For patients with distant metastases or local recurrent cervical cancer who have lost surgical opportunity, the results of III phase GOG clinical trials have shown the superiority of cisplatin / paclitaxel combined with chemotherapy. However, a large number of studies have indicated that the survival of these patients is still mostly not more than 1 years, there is an urgent need for new treatment to improve their prognosis.
The meeting chaired by the Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital, director of Department of gynaecology Ling Ying Wu, Professor, including anticancer association of gynecologic oncology director of special committee of H Professor, more than 50 of the sub centres mainly study participants. Meeting first by the PI Ling Ying Wu professor and Baitai Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., chairman of Mr. Bai Xianhong speech, followed by a detailed introduction nimotuzumab and the study scheme, attending the meeting of experts of the project research give the full affirmation, and the other case design in the presence of valuable suggestions. After nearly 3 hours of intense discussion, the experts on the program on the entry criteria, the amount of medication and research points of view of the operation of the main points of view to reach a consensus. The convening of this meeting to further optimize and improve the clinical trial program for the next step to carry out the development of a good foundation.

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