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BPL’s President BaiXianhong attended the 8th meeting of the Joint Working Group for Collaboration on Biotechnology




     The Eighth meeting of the Joint Working Group for Collaboration on Biotechnology was held in Havana from June 29 to 30 2015. The first Vice President Diaz Carnel and Mr. Lin Nianxiu, the Deputy Director of National Development & Reform Commission attended this meeting. Mr. BaiXianhong, BPL’s President, delivered a speech in the meeting and introduced the cooperation with Cuba and accomplishments BPL has made.

    The Cuban Council of state, first vice president and Council of Ministers first vice president Diaz Carnell attended the meeting, vice president Diaz stressed that medieval biological technical cooperation achievements is rich, has become an important part in the medieval trade and economic cooperation. He mentioned two years ago during the visit to China, visited the Beijing Baitai, Changchun haeberle, Changsha, etc. the middle cooperative enterprise and to the left a deep impression on him.
    Deputy director Lin Nian Xiu in meeting speech pointed out that biological technology cooperation between the two sides have come complementary advantages, mutual benefit and health development of the road, resulting in a good economic and social benefits and future cooperation has great potential. He believes that the two governments should seize the new opportunities for development, and strive to tap the potential of new cooperation and promote cooperation in the development of the Middle Ages to achieve new and greater achievements.
    Chairman Bai Xianhong said: Baitai biological can achieve today's achievement and would like to thank the strong support of the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, the State Food and drug administration, Ministry of foreign affairs, the Cuban government and ambassador to Cuba Museum. Baitai will continue to strengthen strategic cooperation relations with Cuba center of molecular immunology, to strengthen the research and development of new products and clinical research, as soon as more and better products to market, promote the development of medieval bilateral scientific and technological, economic and medical and health services.
    Since the meeting, both sides working group reviewed the seventh meeting, science and technology, health, pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial areas of cooperation, discuss the monoclonal antibodies, interferon, multivalent vaccines and other major projects of measures to promote joint research to define the direction of cooperation and priorities of the next period of time, and signed the minutes of the meeting. At the same time, the two sides of the enterprises and institutions have also signed 8 cooperation agreements, involving an amount of more than 1 billion yuan. Through this meeting, the two sides to further enhance the understanding for the follow-up to deepen cooperation and lay a more solid foundation.

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