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One hundred Thai Bio: to build China's first antibody base


43 years to become national ministries of the department or bureau level cadres, but chose to abandon government enterprise; undergraduate, master of science are environmental engineering, but ended up with bio pharmaceutical industry -- Baitai Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. chairman Bai Xianhong, built China's first world level human antibodies humanized technology platform, the successful development of China first, the world's three for treatment of solid tumors of humanized antibody drug, to break the technological monopoly of multinational pharmaceutical giants.
To abandon the public office of the establishment of the
"I was a restless person, not satisfied with the status quo." In 1977, just when Bai Xianhong father do the decision of a restless, enter oneself for an examination of the "Cultural Revolution" after the Tsinghua University first graduate.
Tsinghua University environmental engineering graduate students after graduation, Bai Xianhong can be described as easy - to work soon, then enter the State Science and Technology Commission, to the United States as a visiting scholar. After returning home from the deputy director of the start. In 1993, Bai Xianhong is deputy director of the division of the State Science and Technology Commission for social development, in charge of the work of environmental protection. Later, he served as director of the China International Science center......
At this time, Bai Xianhong a restless, abandon the public, establish a research and development, production and sales of monoclonal antibody company.
The idea of starting a company is related to Bai Xianhong's experience in the Ministry of science and technology. In the late 90's of last century, Bai Xianhong, an official of the Ministry of science and technology, organized and participated in the development of the medical science and technology cooperation in the middle ancient times, Cuba is the leader in the development of antibody drugs.
Can conquer cancer, which is the core cause of antibody drugs to attract global vision. "I was born in rural Shanxi, a lot of folks are suffering from cancer, including the mother, and many other relatives were killed by cancer." Bai Xianhong memories.
In 1998, Bai Xianhong began to build a hundred Thai bio. The company was established in 2000.
Eight years of research and development of new anti-cancer drugs
"We are China's first drug antibody of, I can backwards to introduced to the bank, but not a bank is willing to loan." Bai Xianhong said he used two years of time, for fifty or sixty banks, investment companies and pharmaceutical companies, finally persuaded three enterprises investment.
Small company progress is difficult. More than 20 people on the outskirts of a set of 200 square meters of residential office, research and development. Greater difficulty lies in the fact that the company's financial position is close to collapse with no income......
Technical difficulties, also let the white Xianhong haggard. Monoclonal antibody technology, has long been a monopoly of the developed countries, the use of a hundred Thai for two years before the completion of the preclinical studies, to come up with a pilot sample, began to enter the clinical research.
In April 2008, after 8 years of exploration, Baitai to build China's first humanized monoclonal antibody drug, class I drugs -- teshin students get state food and Drug Administration approved officially listed. It was called the biological medicine industry as a biological missile, because it enters the human body after the target hit the target - cancer cells, to fill the blank of the field of human monoclonal antibodies.
Single drug sales to break 300 million yuan
"In 2008, we realize the 50 million yuan of output value, teshin health after the listing of the first full year 2009, sales soared to 1.6 billion yuan, sales in 2010 reached 2.6 billion yuan, this year will exceed 3 billion yuan." Bai Xianhong said that at present, one hundred Thai has established its own Antibody Engineering Research Institute, the next step is to build China's first antibody industrial base.
Bai Xianhong said that only one person to the source of antibody drugs, multinational pharmaceutical giant annual sales reached $about 4000000000. The market prospect of the hundred Thai is very broad. At present, the annual output of Tai Xin is only 15 kg, far from meeting the market demand. To this end, one hundred Thai has successfully built a global scale of the largest, advanced technology and the production of monoclonal antibodies flow line, so that the annual production capacity of Tai Xin Sheng reached 50 kilograms, the output value of 3 billion 500 million yuan.
Bai Xianhong entrepreneurial speech
Antibody is the most difficult and risky product in the biological medicine. One hundred Thai creatures do most things, the Chinese people have never done, so can only touch the stones across the river, in the continuous exploration fight.
Source: "Beijing daily"

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