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Recombinant human EGF conjugated vaccine (hu-rEGF-rP64k/Mont vaccine), a chemical coupling peptide vaccine is composed by human recombinant EGF coupled to a carrier protein, recombinant P64 co-developed by Biotech and Cuba. The EGF–P64 chemical conjugate is emulsified in Montanide, an oily adjuvant. The carrier protein and the adjuvant are required to break the tolerance against EGF.

The hu-rEGF-rP64k/Mont vaccine is an active immunotherapy, intended to prevent binding of the endogenous EGF to the receptors, by inducing anti-EGF antibodies that clear the growth factor from circulation. The vaccine inhibits the growth of tumor cells and blood vessels and induces tumor cell apoptosis to antitumor efficacy and improves the patient's survival quality and survival rate.

Animal experiments and clinical trials have shown that the curative effect of EGF vaccine is distinct on EGFR overexpression malignant tumor such as lung cancer, head and neck cancer, ovarian cancer, especially for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The EGF vaccine has been completed seven clinical trials on safety and immunogenicity: 5 phase I clinical trials, 1 phase II clinical trial and 1 phase clinical trial.There are 900 patients with NSCLC injected EGF vaccine in worldwide. The vaccination results evidenced the immunogenicity and safety of vaccination in patients.Compared with the historical control group, the patients who have good resistance to EGF reaction had a survival advantage.The EGF vaccine has been approved in Cuba, Peru and Paraguay for treatment of advanced stage NSCLC.In China, phaseclinical trial on advanced NSCLC has been finished, and we plan to carry out phase /clinical trial.

  • Product name: EGF vaccine

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