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About Us

Founded in 2000, Biotech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (abbreviated as “BPL” below) is one of the first domestic companies engaged in R&D, production and sales of monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic vaccines in China.

BPL leads others in breaking the technical barriers in humanization of antibody and large-scale production of mammalian cell culture in China. BPL has built one R&D and production base in BDA Beijing, which is equipped with comprehensive technology platforms to carry our research and development, process development, pilot production, large-scale production as well as quality control and quality assistance. Now all the facilities in BPL have passed the GMP inspection of China and Cuba. 

BPL develops China’s first monoclonal antibody Nimtuzumab (Tai Xin Sheng®). Nimotuzumab, Class I new biological medicine, was marketed in China since 2008 to treat patients with nasopharyngeal cancer. Known for its great efficacy and outstanding safety profile, Nimotuzumab is widely recognized by patients and clinical doctors. In 2009 Nimotuzumab has been recorded in NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines (Chinese Version). In 2017 Nimotuzumab was included in the medical insurance catalogue, which makes Nimotuzumab more affordable and accessible. As targeted therapy, Nimotuzumab can be used to treat patients with tumors of epidermal origin. Now BPL is conducting clinical trials of using Nimotuzumab to treat patients with head & neck cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, gliomas and so on. In the future more patients can benefit from Nimotuzumab.

Thanks to unremitting innovation for more than 20 years, BPL has successively established the National International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, China-Cuba Molecular Immunology Center, Beijing Municipal Genetic Engineering Antibody Drug Research Center, Beijing Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, Post-doctoral R&D Workstation and so on. BPL has won the first and third prize of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Progress as well as second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award issued by Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, been awarded with Beijing G20 Enterprises, Beijing Municipal Exemplary Enterprises of Patents and so on. BPL also undertakes and finishes several national projects such as “Major New Drug Projects”, “863 Programs” and “High-tech Industrialization Demonstration Projects”.  

Adhering to the principles of “Progress, Dedication, Innovation and Excellence”, BPL will continuously improve its capacity of innovation and provide patients with medicines of high quality and outstanding efficacy to improve the quality of life of patients and make contribution to the development of China’s bio-pharmaceutical industry.


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