Post-Doctoral Center

Post-Doctoral Center

Post-Doctoral Workstation

BPL establishes the Post-Doctoral Workstation in 2009 with the approval from Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the National Postdoctoral Coordination Management Committee. The Research Institute takes responsibility of the daily operation of the workstation, and the HR provides related support. Now the workstation has worked along with Research Institute to carry out pre-clinical studies of antibodies, fusion protein and other immunotherapies. The workstation is open to the society to enroll PhDs. 

There are departments in BPL to focus on antibody library, molecular biology, cell engineering, process optimization, pharmacodynamics, pilot production, pharmacokinetics and toxicology, quality control and analysis as well as medical and clinical issues. And BPL is able to simultaneously carry out the development and pilot production of several antibodies. BPL has a group of experts with rich experiences in antibody engineering, and undertakes a series of scientific and technological projects at national and municipal level, including “863 Program”, the New Drug Development Projects under the national “Eleventh Five-year Plan” and "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". The numerous R&D projects, sufficient funding and strong team of mentors can support the stable development of BPL’s Post-doctoral workstation.  


Advantages During in the Post-doc Workstation


BPL will actively implement various national policies, provide favorable work environment, advanced experimental conditions and attractive incentive mechanism, and will give material rewards and promotion opportunities to outstanding personnel based on the KPI assessment results. 


 BPL will help to solve the work problems of post-doctoral spouses. And when their children receive compulsory education, they can enjoy preferential policies in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. 


As for post-doctoral researchers who have achieved outstanding results, they can apply for various talent awards in BDA. 


Post- doctoral researchers can apply for living and scientific research funds issued by BDA.


Post-doctoral researchers usually work in the station for two years (generally no more than three years). During their stay in the workstation, they can rent a postdoctoral apartment. When they finish work in the station, BPL will assist in the household registration procedures (Note: the household registration of their spouses and children can be made in Beijing too). 

How to Apply:

Anyone who have obtained a doctorate degree at home and abroad, under the age of 40,  excellent in character and learning, and in good health,  please send your resumes to baitaihr@biotechplc.com  (the name, major and application to be in the post-doc workstation shall be specified in the email title),  if you are interested in this workstation.


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